Horizontal Tracker

A tracker can be a powerful tool for a solar project by significantly increasing the energy produced without having to increase the Project's size. Trabant Solar's trackers can produce up to 35% more energy over traditional fixed ground-mount racking solutions, which is even higher than the energy gain of the leading competitor's tracker. 
Energy Output comparison between Solar Tracker and Fixed Ground Mount Racking System.
*The graph above is a comparison between the tracker and fixed ground-mount racking using 275W 72 cell modules (multicrystalline) with a nameplate rating of 6.6kW (DC) for the tracker and fixed ground-mount racking. The graph is only for illustration purposes. Actual performance will vary. 

Tracker or Fixed Ground-Mount?

There are several advantages and disadvantages for both the tracker and the fixed ground-mount models. Typically, the questions of which racking solution is better cannot be answered without analyzing the cost, PPA price, and solar radiation of a specific solar project. The return on investment and levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) for a solar project does not unilaterally depend on the cost of the solar project, but rather on the combination of the three aforementioned factors. We have the ability and expertise to assist project developers on these factors to help them arrive at the lowest levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) for a specific project in regards to the racking choice. 

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